Our Personal Umbrella Liability Policy can help protect the assets ( including future earnings) of your entire household from financially devastating lawsuits. Daily newspaper articles report that Americans are suing each other more than ever before. If the liability limits of your auto, homeowner, boat or other liability insurance policies are not adequate, a Personal Umbrella Liability Policy can help provide that additional layer of insurance ( to the extent of the Personal Umbrella Liability Policy limits) that is necessary to protect your lifestyle. Even if someone alleges you were negligent for an incident that causes injury, legal fees may be extremely high even if the verdict is in you favor. Your Advocate Insurance Personal Umbrella Liability Policy provides coverage for legal defense costs for a covered loss.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Your auto insurance limits must be at least $300,000 Combined Single Limits (CSL) or $250/500/100 Split Limits
  • Your homeowner, renter or condominium liability limits must be at least $300,000 CSL
  • Your water-craft liability limits must be a least $300,000 CSL
  • All underlying policies must be written with your primary carrier

*Credits are available for higher underlying limits.

Additional Advantages

Your Personal Umbrella Liability Policy provides Personal Injury and Property Damage protection:

  • Against libel, slander and defamation of character
  • Against mental anguish or mental injury
  • Accidental death
  • And while serving on a board, or as an officer of a religious, charitable or nonprofit organization as long as it does not involve your business of profession

*Various limits competitively priced.

Limits begin at $1,000,000 but higher limits may be available. Since your other insurance policies would pay first, Personal Umbrella Liability insurance is relatively inexpensive in view of the degree to which it protects your lifestyle. The premium is based on the limits selected, you number of autos, residence, boats, etc., and the area where you live.

A Convenient Payment Plan

We offer an extremely flexible payment. Payments can be made monthly, quarterly, semiannually or in any combination you choose. You may even select a bill date that is most convenient for you. Combined policy billing is also available when you have more than one policy written with your primary carrier.

You May Need a Personal Umbrella Liability Policy if:

  • You have total assets greater than underlying liability limits
  • You are financially responsible for the actions of a young inexperienced driver
  • You perform extensive volunteer work for nonprofit organizations
  • You frequently host guests on your property
  • Your residence includes a swimming pool
  • You own water-craft


  • Your teenage resident son takes the family speedboat out and negligently collides with a high-priced yacht
  • You accidentally hit a fellow golfer in the head with a golf ball, causing brain damage
  • A guest at your two-story home falls down the stairs, due to a faulty railing, and is paralyzed as a result
  • You, in your volunteer role as the editor of your homeowner association newsletter, libel a fellow homeowner and are sued for a large sum of money
  • You and your neighbor take turns watching each other’s children and you lose track of the neighbor’s toddler, who drowns in the backyard pool
  • You are a member of a board of directors for a nonprofit organization, for which you receive no compensation. You are sued in connection with a business decision made at one the quarterly meetings