Recreational Vehicles

Protection for Your Boat, Motor, Trailer and Equipment

Our Boatowner Policy provideds protection on the water, on the road or while in storage all year long.
This includes, spars, sails (not parasails), spinnakers and accessories such as marine radios, depth finders and positioning equipment against loss or damage from:

  • Fire and Explosion
  • Theft and Vandalism
  • Windstorm
  • Collision
  • Sinking and Other Common Hazards

Similar policies are available for snowmobiles and ATV’s as well.

You may apply $500 per occurrence as an additional amount of insurance to cover loss to personal effects arising out if a covered loss to the boat or motor. Personal watercraft, sailboats and recreational powerboats up to 31 feet are eligible. Some horsepower limitations do apply. For your concenience, all of your pleasure boats can be insured under one policy. And, unlike many other companies, Advocate Insurance can insure your boat even if your auto and home are insured elsewhere.


If you accidently injure another person or damage the property of others, liability coverage is provided. Coverage is also extended to family members or anyone operating the boat with your permission. For example, our policy can cover you if:

  • You hit a swimmer
  • Your boat collides with and damages another boat
  • Your boat damages a non-owned dock
  • If you purchase hull coverage only (e.g. no liability) up to $500 is available for collision liability if you damage someone else’s boat

Medical Payments

Medical expenses resulting from injuries received in a boating accident are covered for:

  • You and the passangers in you boat
  • Water skiers behind your boat
  • You, members of you household, and guest passengers, while in the water, if struck by any boat

Towing and Labor Costs

Up to $100 is available

Loss Settlement Provisions

Most partial losses are adjusted without deduction for depreciation. Other losses, including total loss and loss to sails, spars, rigging and canvas or plastic covers are adjusted subject to depreciation.

Saving you Money

Advocate Insurance believes that safe boating practices and navigation and safety equipment help prevent boating accidents. That’s why we offer the following discounts:

  • Completion of USPS or USCGA safety courses–10%
  • Diesel Powered — 10%
  • Sail (no auxiliary power) — 10%
  • Radar, Depth Finder, Ship-to-Shore Radio, Radio Direction Finder or LORAN, Global Positioning System (GPS), Built-in Fire Extinguishing System — 25%

Application of these discounts can result in premium savings up to 25%. By selecting higher deductibles, you can save even more.

A Convenient Payment Plan

We offer an extremely flexible payment plan. Payments can be made monthly, quarterly, semiannually or in any combination you choose. You may even select a bill date that is most convenient for you. Combined policy billing is also availible when you have more than one policy with your primary carrier.